What is BWlingos?

Bwlingos is a fun, app for learning Botswana languages. We know that language learning is hard, so we designed Bwlingos as a learn-as-you go app to address some of the most common challenges people have when they try to learn languages.

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Why Us

The home of Botswana languages. We welcome you!

Spoilt for Choice

Receive words and phrases in multiple Botswana languages for a wider learning experience.

Content Development

Our content is developed by native speakers of the diverse languages in Botswana.

Lesson Organization

All the lessons are grouped into one message thread making it easy to revisit and study.

Works completely offline

You will never lose a second just because there is no internet connection.

Pricing Plans

Choose the best pricing for start your journey



  • Daily Lessons
  • 4 Days FREE Trial
  • Subscription Auto-Renewal
  • Opt-Out Option



  • Daily Lessons
  • 30 Days FREE Trial
  • Subscription Auto-Renewal
  • Opt-Out Option